The curriculum at the High School level meets or exceeds entrance requirements of all major colleges and universities, including the University of California.

Linfield Christian High School Graduation Requirements

English 4 years   Science 2 years
History 3 years Fine Arts* 1 year
Math 3 years Physical Education 2 years
Languages Other Than English 2 years Electives 3 years

*LCHS Fine Arts Academy Requires 4 years of Fine Arts

A number of elective options are available to students: Art, Drama, Music, American Sign Language (ASL) Performance (Candor), Film Appreciation, Media Production, Photography 1, Yearbook, Physical Education, and Study Skills.

Opportunities are provided at all grade levels for participation in performing and visual arts. Students are encouraged to explore drama, musical theater, dance, choral ensembles, instrumental ensembles, worship arts, choral sign, film making, 2-D and 3-D visual media, graphic design and photography.

Students who have completed the appropriate prerequisites and have the recommendation of the faculty, may enroll in Honors and Advanced Placement courses. Enrollment in advanced courses is selective and is not available to all students.

Linfield Christian High School Advanced Placement and Honors Weighted Courses

AP Biology AP English Literature AP Studio Art
AP Calculus AB AP European History AP US History
AP Calculus BC AP Government Honors Advanced Math
AP Chemistry AP Physics Honors American Sign Language 5
AP English Language AP Spanish

An integral component of the High School’s college preparatory program includes opportunities for student participation in standardized testing. Our High School standardized testing strategy includes practice tests for both the ACT and the SAT. Students complete the PLAN test in ninth grade and the PSAT test in tenth and eleventh grades. In addition, Linfield Christian High School hosts multiple SAT and ACT test dates throughout the year.

In addition to college preparatory courses and activities, the school encourages students in the areas of skill and character development, as well as foundations in moral judgment that will increase graduates’ potential for success in the business and professional world.

The Bible curriculum at Linfield Christian High School uses a seminar approach. Underclassmen and upperclassmen meet separately, and Bible courses are designed to meet the unique needs and interests of each group. Bible courses rotate quarterly and span a variety of topics from basic introduction to the life of Jesus Christ and the essence of the Christian faith: the Gospel (or “good news”), to principles of Christian living and gender-specific issues. Courses are taught by faculty, as well as local youth pastors and Christian leaders.

High School chapels are intentionally and strategically integrated with the Bible curriculum. Linfield Christian High School intentionally partners with local youth pastors to speak at chapels and develop relationships with students. The focus of the High School’s integrated Bible curriculum and chapel program is a gospel-centered curriculum, church partnership, and “faith-activating” opportunities through service and missions. The goal is to help students delve deeply into the reality of the Gospel, and in so doing, develop a Christian worldview rooted in Biblical truth and understanding.

Another fundamental component of the Bible curriculum at Linfield Christian High School is an annual student retreat—called Winter Mountain Retreat—held at a local Christian retreat center in the mountains. The worship, seminars, and other activities that take place at this retreat event creates many opportunities for students to ask questions, discuss problems, and engage in an ongoing dialogue about the nature of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, meaningful answers for the Christian faith, practical application of Biblical truth to their lives.